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Information About Adoptions

  • all dogs have been dewormed, vaccinated and have a medical record book

  • all females have been spayed

  • the Foundation guarantee excellent health of each animal’s health upon leaving EMIR

  • visits to the dogs can me made by agreements over the phone

  • adaptor must be 20 years of age

  • as to “Animal Rights Act” the Foundation reserves the right to control the well being of the adopted animal and to react in case of rules of adoption not being followed

  • in the event the adoptée cannot keep the dog, EMIR must be contacted

  • the dog can be returned to EMIR in case of serious causes preventing the dog from staying with the adoptée

  • the dog must not be euthanized before contact has been made with EMIR. In case of rehoming, a EMIR representative will help find a new home

  • we appreciate that people adopting a dog will also help other homeless animals by voluntary donations which amount in full goes to rescue of the next dog in need

Animals for adoption

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