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Welcome Foundation for the Rescue of Homeless Animals

Many thanks for all the donations to the dogs in the care of our Foundation.

We are sorry but due to the enormous workload of the animal care duties we are not able to acknowledge and thank individually for each donation. Information on the companies supporting our activity are presented under "Acknowledgements". Due to personal data protection requirements we do not disclose the names of individual donators. We hope you'll understand that every minute spent on administrative issues deprives the dogs of the time we can dedicate to them.

To All People of Goodwill: Please help us rescue the animals!


Znak akceptacji

Our animal centre has been operating for 15 years now. We take care of stray animals – lost because of the carelessness or negligence of their owners, abandoned by having been thrown out of a speeding car or tied to a tree in the woods with no chance to survive, deserted in parking lots or construction sites once the construction work is finished. After a holiday season we collect dogs and cats abandoned in recreation areas, streets and public roads, knocked down by cars and left badly injured, dying by the road. Some of the pets in our care are the victims of the cruelty of their previous owners – dogs and cats, often brutally crippled, beaten with whatever their owners could put their hateful hands on.


The list of cruelties to animals seems endless. We take care of the poor beings after life-saving surgeries, feed the starving critters to help them survive, do our best to have their twisted psyche regain balance and make them trust humans again. Then we try to find them new homes – we look for responsible owners who will adopt and love them, and whom the animals will accept too. This is where our role should end, but it rarely does in fact because we get new calls over and over again.


In our centre we have 14 outdoor boxes (45 to 80 mē), 3 separate large pens of 150, 250 and 1500 mē, a treatment room and 3 infirmary boxes, all in a heated building. Our centre is not very large (at present, we have 100 dogs here). There are two reasons for that – first, because a smaller place is the only chance for an animal with traumatic experience to get back to normal. The second reason, a mundane one, is that due to limited financial resources we simply cannot afford more animals.

Tortured, starving, abandoned to die tied to the trees, hanged or nearly drowned, thrown out of cars – the victims of human bestiality and vileness.

They are no different from us – suffer the pain of injuries, thirst or hunger, experience fear, despair or joy. They are faithful, their love – unconditional.

It's people who make them suffer!

Amid the hustle of daily business, people become indifferent to their misery.

Please, show your compassion to those who can neither fight for themselves nor complain about their fate.

Our Foundation combats cruelty to animals and runs a shelter for stray animals, victims of traffic accidents and man's bestiality.

An animal, a living being
capable of experiencing pain, is not an object.
Man owes it respect, protection and care!
Universal Declaration of Animal Rights
Paris 1979
President, EMIR Foundation


Jezynka – seriously injured in a car accident. The hind paw has been operated, but the forepaw had to be amputated.
Adopted in Poland.


Abra – after numerous litters, she was simply thrown away from a puppy farm when she was too weak to produce more puppies.
The last (happy!) months of her life she spent in Krystyna's garden, which was her favourite place.
She passed away in summer 2007.


On the left: Aksa in the shelter in the south of Poland, where she had spent most of her life before she was "found" by one of EMIR volunteers.
On the right: Pippi (adopted in Poland), Aksa (adopted in Sweden) and Manka.


Emi – an 8-year old female dog from north-east Poland. For many years she had been starved, beaten and tortured, repeatedly raped by her owner in front of the whole village's eyes. The dog who gave up, disheartened.
Now she lives in a wonderful home in Germany.
Here, she's with her friend Sultan – found on the road after he had been knocked down by a car. He too has recovered and has been rehomed in Poland.


Ari – for many years tied on a short chain, injured by a man or an animal.
After hospitalization, he was adopted by one of the nurses who had been taking care of him.


Czarla was found in a forest, tied to a tree in an ants' nest. Rescued at the last moment (adopted in Poland).


Krystyna is giving a school lecture on animals and animal protection and care.


Majo – found emaciated and horribly mutilated by children. Despite the cruel treatment he had experienced, he proved a loving and trustful family dog in his new home.


Guests from Sweden. Who is more pleased – the guests or the hosts?

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