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Foundation received information that there are bitches of South Russian Sheepdog together with puppies kept in terrible conditions in Olmonty. After agreement of authorities and with police assist Emir Intervention Team went there to take dogs away.

What was discovered at the scene was unimaginable tragic: bitches emaciated, their weight was 15 kg and normal for that breed is between 50 and 75 kg, they weren`t able to stand up. Five out of seven puppies survived. Owner of that puppy farm was breeding South Russian Sheepdogs eight years time. Bitches were mated twice a year. They were kept with no water, no harbor from cold or heat, starved so they started to look for food themselves, started to hunt. They were also badly maimed:
Znak akceptacji

First of two bitches has a part of her jaw tear out, and many teeth were missing, second one- at the time of intervention her back leg was like a big, unhealed wound, four toes were tear out. Changes went too far and leg is stiff. Ears of both bitches were infected and huge amount of ticks and lice was found. They were absolutely voided of vets care-they suffered like that many years. When they couldn`t take anymore owner just left them to die.

25th of June 2008 Emir Foundation notified prosecution services.

More photos from puppy farm in Olmonty:


Bitches were treated intensively. Now they are ready for adoption.

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