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Reality in polish dog shelters

A shelter - it should be the asylum, it should be a safe place where homeless animals will find help and care.
But that’s just fiction!
Our polish shelters have nothing in common with that. There are small exceptions but mostly those are places of tragedy and suffer of animals which should find harbour in there.

Horrified, after accidents, ill they are mistreated or treated like they mean nothing, like a lifeless objects- not alive creatures that suffer and feel fear and pain exactly like we- humans. They live herded together in small boxing or cages which don’t allow them to even move freely- always thirsty, starved or fed with wastes which should be disposed. They are not cured; they are mistreated by their carers. They devoid of possibility to storm out themselves in many months time, breed thoughtless, they drop like flies for infectious diseases as they are not inoculated, torment with parasite diseases.

They are also put down with no reason in a way that makes them suffer!!!

They are devoid of doctors’ care because of savings.

And to all that- blanket of silence of all people who are authorised to help them: heads of shelters, vets and even county vets officers who certify lies in their inspection proceedings. And in the meantime dogs are dying from diseases, starvation or they are biting each other to death, those which are still alive stand in their own wastes, ill, hungry, horrified and hopeless.

And all that is happening with quiet agreement of authorities, which are obligated by law to take care of homeless animals in their area. But they prefer not to see, they prefer to save money intended for animals and spent them .....
...And not be bothered by homeless mongrels and dirty cats!

It’s about time to end with cruelness and lawlessness!

Campaign of Emir Foundation “STOP WITH CRUELNESS IN DOG SHELTERS” meant to end this blanket of silence.

We are gathering all evidence (pictures, witness statements, vets inspections protocols) and we’ll carry out controls and notify authorities about offence against Animals Act.

We will push through county vets officers to carry our REAL control in the shelters.

It is enough of animals suffer.

It is enough of this silent tragedy which takes place in nearly all polish shelters.

We need to win good fate of homeless, harmed animals-harmed by people!

Emir Foundation is asking you- do not stay unresponsive.


“Shelters” closed down and interventions in progress in which Emir Foundation is taking part.

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