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Puppy Farms

None of live creatures should be treated like lifeless objects or like tools to gain income. No one have right to treat animal with no respect using it as “breeding machine”. Sadly there are more and more puppy farms in our country and what’s worst, people who owns these places are making more and more profit by selling too young, hungry and very often ill puppies taken to soon from their tormented mothers.
“Breeders”-as they call themselves-exploit bitches till they drop. Without even clean water to drink, underfed, sometimes even nearly starved to death, always thirsty, mated every heat period, ill and weak- treated just as a source of profit. And when their tormented bodies are unable to take anymore, when they can’t “earn” anymore money they are abandoned or left to die alone in their prisons. Without knowing what human loving touch is, how it is to feel safe and happy. ”Breeders” benefit from ignorance of society; they exploit “new” animals as soon as the “old” ones are unable to give them more money. That creates next tragedy of innocent animal.
If you’re reading this story presumably fate of animals isn’t meaningless to you. When looking at little puppy (just few weeks old) for sale on the street market, in the pet shop or internet auction what do you think? Do you feel sorry; do you want to rescue that poor small creature? Are you considering buying that puppy?

If you are considering it, then please
Rethink it once again!!!

If you don’t know where that puppy’s coming from - Do not buy

If you have knowledge about any “puppy farm” or you are suspicious about any breeding place – Inform authorities

You’re increasing demand by buying puppy from “puppy farms” - Think - there might be a result of your irresponsible decision-another animal suffers.

Owning puppy farm is one of the most inhuman ways of earning money.
Exploiting live creatures for one and only purpose-making profit-must not be accepted.
Emir Foundation is undertaking actions which meant to fight with that kind of activities but crucially actions which save animals life. Below you can find descriptions of interventions which were already effectuated.


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