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“Shelter” in Krzyczki- concrete death rows where dogs were herded together, hungry and injured, biting each other to death, martyred every day, waiting for their salvation-death. Holes dig out in the ground just behind the fence where later their tormented remains were thrown in. That is how shelter look like in the sick mind of people responsible for it. Is there any limit of human bestiality? Is there any punishment?

“Shelter” in Krzyczki has stopped existing. Thanks to involvement and sacrifice of many people almost all dogs have found safe harborage. It doesn`t mean that problem has stopped existing- part of those dogs are in other shelters or dog hotels or temporary homes.

Since truth about Krzyczki was discovered Emir Foundation has taken 33 dogs from there. Unfortunately because of overcrowding in our shelter we can`t take any more dogs.

We are asking for help with finding new homes for dogs taken from Krzyczki.

Lawsuit against people responsible for situation of dogs in Krzyczki is in progress.
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