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Ewa Biedrzycka was running two illegal “shelters”: one in Maciejowice and the other in Krezel. “Shelters” were just a cover for her real trading-selling puppies.

There was 140 dogs kept in one of the “shelters” at the old farm: in the cowshed and in the barn. In the other one- in the middle of nowhere - 70 dogs with no water, electricity or sanitation- they were kept in very small boxing (2mx2m) without overhead protection.

Communities were delivering dogs for Ewa B. On the basis of contracts which they signed with her but without checking if her “shelters” are legal. “Shelters” functioned without any supervision of authorities entitled to supervise them and communities weren`t interested in what was happening with dogs after they get to that place.

Social organisations started to receive alarming information.

26th of August 2008- in assistance of county vet inspector and police- three pro- animal organisations entered premises of both “shelters”:

Rescue and watch team for animals in Trzcianka

Foundation for homeless animals Emir

Association Arka

Condition of animals and conditions in which they were kept shocked everyone: live dogs kept with dead bodies of other dogs. 14 remains of dogs were found, some of them in residual state. Male and female dogs kept with puppies in small cages, dead bodies of puppies among them.

Bitch with open-broke of her leg kept in dugout to die there cause of wound infection.

Remains of dogs kept in rubbish bins.

Lots of puppies kept in boxing- puppy farm.

Almost all dogs from Krezel were bone-tired and ill: scab, demodecosis and mycosis.

Unimaginable tragedy of animals which were put in that hell by “normal” woman...

Many dogs needs treatment, permanent and temporary homes are needed for them as well as spaces in real shelters.

Ewa Biedrzycka-torturer- purely for profit made hell of these dogs lives.

Uncared-for, ill, biting each other to death because of thirst and hunger, defenceless and waiting for salvation-DEATH

Bitches locked in cages giving birth in their own wastes.

Alive was looking at their brothers dying; locked together with them in dark rooms- they were suffering unimaginably.

We are appealing to all people wherever they are- if you cannot agree with animals suffer we`re asking you-

Znak akceptacji


Krezel & Maciejowice

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