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Animal Shelter in Kielce

Shelter in Kielce
Remains identification-Dyminy (Kielce), 29.10.2020

Znak akceptacji


EMIR Foundation fights to defend those who cannot defense themselves. More and more often, we are able to obtain convictions for those who break the law on animal protection and with premeditation mistreat the animals.
We were in a shelter in Kielce, we have documented what we saw there. Documentation is shocking. Dead dogs, whose cause of death will certainly not be called "natural" - so thin dogs like a bag of bones, injured dogs with torn pieces of flesh, dogs with broken ribs, dogs who passed away in agony, foaming at the mouth - the list is long...

We talked to the authorities of the city of Kielce and we came to an "agreement" - so what, if no one execute this "agreement". We watch helplessly as the shelter still has a nasal, as dogs dying - bitten to death by their companions of misfortune, or from kicks of impatient staff... How bitches pupped in general stalls and mothers are not able to provide protection against hungry crowd ... Shelter in Kielce is a state within a state, where local socials relations governs.

This is not the only shelter of that kind in the country - but is in some sense the most important.

If we want win this fight now, if this massacre will last, we will send a clear signal that torture of animals are acceptable, "unofficially legalized."

Therefore, we must make every effort to create a precedent and to show the Poland and the world that we do not accept animal abuse. We have to improve animal’s conditions in the shelter and what goes with it - completely replace the staff - no one seems to believe that the person who once kicked a dog, will suddenly stop doing it.

We cannot handle it alone - we need your help.

Please write a letter on the matter of the highest Polish authorities - the President and the Prime Minister. Not the petition - but your own personal letter. From yourself.

Please also notice thereof, the President of the city of Kielce - we do not believe that he will voluntarily change the situation - he had many opportunities to do this - but maybe the pressure "from above" will make him action more vigorously.

Make the "noise" wherever possible - in the press, radio, television, wherever you have access.

"We are their voice,
they call for respect,
for love and peaceful place on Earth !"

Krystyna Sroczyńska - President, EMIR Foundation – Poland

Documentation of the inventory carried out in living dogs and remains made by "Emir" Founation on 29/10/2020 in the shelter for homeless animals in Kielce

This is how dogs are dying from " overfeeding " in the shelter in Kielce - the full photo report

Terrified big dog, locked in a nightmarish slot without water or food, and without any hope for mercy
In a famous boxing No. 29, where from you can go only o the plastic bag
We took him to the foundation.
His new name is ARRAS

Inspectors of our foundation, together with the solicitor made an unannounced visits to the shelter.
We have established the status of dogs, puppies status; the overall condition of the animals and their health, and remains status. Photographic documentation and the relevant protocol were made .
At this point foundation, "Emir" has finished gathering evidence.


Small brown body pushed into a corner of a stinky slot.
After the tests we are taking her to the foundation.
Her new name is DELICJA


Letters of international pro-animal organizations sent to the President's Chancellery.

24.10.2020r - photos from yesterday's picket

More pictures:
Kielce -picket in front of the shelter, 23.10.2020

Below - a few photos, the author Kamilla A.

The Foundation is sending the appropriate notice and take all steps required by law.

At a press conference 10/05/2020 at the Regional Office in Kielce President of EMIR Foundation, Krystyna Sroczynska comprehensively discussed the tragic situation of animals in the shelter in Kielce and the mechanisms of criminal activities of its management

Female found 5/10/2020 agonizing stayed in the shelter-massacre place in Kielce from July, she was starved and tortured to death!

We have made the application today, 10/08/2020 the District Prosecutor's Office in Kielce, on suspicion of committing a crime by the shelter manager and doctors who are working there. Simultaneously, we made a request for an exemption of Prosecutor's Office in Kielce from diagnosing the evidence because of the social links and local systems – it wouldn`t guarantee the accuracy of the work of the prosecution and evaluating the evidence.

Please urgently provide all documents and witnesses report.
tel: 601 - 300 - 726
609 - 036 - 046
785 -066 -066

Below - photos taken in the shelter in Kielce, by members of Animal Defense Association, among others

Supreme Chamber of Control in the shelter in Kielce

Finally! I wonder if the president and director of the PUK will defend his favourite - Grazyna K. as they did years ago, when "Emir" tried to intervene. Then they held firmly together. We`ll see what will happen now!!

The manager pretends to be an idiot (or not) - because she knows that after 2 weeks stay in Kielce shelter, dogs are putted to sleep on a mass scale (Her decision, or someone else?). There is even famous - (all-covered with a sheet) boxing of death where dogs stand crowded to the limit (they cannot sit or move as there is no space), sentenced to death - of course, without food or water because there is no point to spend money for them. It lasted like this many years and the county vet saw it just now? Then he even didn`t respond to our letter about the tragic situation of animals in the shelter! br>
Puppies dying for parvovirose , lying in their own blood, dogs biting each others to death? Bitch in heat kept in the slot with few large dogs, and raped to death? Small dogs in a slots with aggressive ones, bitten to death? Shelters vet who told us, that without the agreement of the manager has no right to get in to the shelter? Or maybe stinking and dirty “Treatment room” that looks like a waste storage? Dogs locked for whole days in some small “hospital “ without care and help (the manager is carrying the key with her, but she isn`t in the shelter all the time). Driver beating dogs with a shovel? Drinking accountant managing the shelter when the manager isn`t present there?- that is happening very often. Dying cats? Pups on chains?

HIS EYES GOT BEETER RIGHT NOW???And maybe fearing for his job made him sign himself out of this team? We look forward for the report of the Supreme Chamber of Control!!

Below - a summary of the article in Gazeta Wyborcza

District veterinary inspector in Kielce alerts. During inspections carried out in the shelter located near Kielce - Dyminy discovered that every year dozens of dogs are dying there, and even worse there's no explanation to that.

According to the data that became available during the investigation from the beginning of 2010 to the end of May this year 27 dogs were putted to sleep, and 52 died. In the previous year 66 dogs were putted to sleep, and 82 died.

Shelter cannot explain why so many dogs were euthanized, the answers are very brief, and in the documents the reasons which have led to such drastic measures are at least improbable there is also no appropriate justification of such actions.

Incomprehensible is also a huge number of dead animals and unconvincing reasons such as "sudden death without evidence."

Among the dead dogs is staggering number of dogs bitten to death. Organisations which are helping the animals are saying -' after all, dogs do not bite in silence', and indicate on improper care at the shelter as guilty pointing the employees.

Shelter manager says that there is no problem because this concerns a small number of dogs about 10 a month. On the questions about the huge amount of euthanasia replied that apparently the veterinarian who cares for animals in the shelter consider it appropriate and she will not speaks on issues related to treatment of dogs.

Pro-animal organizations are outraged. This situation may indicate a lack of competence of a doctor or a deliberate concealment of certain facts.

Vice President of Enterprise Utilities Services governing shelter had not heard about the problem of dying and putted to sleep dogs . In the coming days will ask the shelter manager for clarification on this matter.

The shelter was also controlled by the SCC but report from this control is not known yet. District Veterinary Officer intends to apply for another control to the Regional Veterinary Inspector.

Kielce dogs cries for help!!!

Enough of the suffering of animals in the shelter in Kielce. Enough of impunity of Shelter manager and those who are supporting her. The Animal Shelter is not profitable business - this should be a shelter for homeless animals. The city authorities - people responsible for the actions of the manager of the shelter and manager herself violates the animals rights and they feel that they are above the law.

We were, we saw!

The Foundation intervenes.

Shelter it is not profitable business-this place should be asylum, should harbor homeless animals. Municipal authorities in Kielce- people responsible for head of shelter doings and head of shelter herself are breaking animal rights and they feel untouchable.

It is enough of animals suffer in that shelter. It is enough of lawlessness of head of shelter and all who stand by her.


Foundation is undertaking intervention.

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