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Back again – having been to Poland once more…

We have met some wonderful people and some wonderful dogs and this time even cats! Extraordinary people who dedicate so much of their time, sometimes their whole life, to helping animals in need! People with warm hearts… They are all doing such a wonderful job… We who try to support them are honoured to do so!!!

This time we were picked up at the airport by Justyna Orlinska who is a volunteer at the cat shelter, “Koci Swiat” (Cat World) just outside Warsaw. Thank you for driving us and also for your apple tarts Justyna! Kasia Strzelecka, the founder of the shelter, takes care of 180 cats, 16 dogs and two goats… The bottom floor of the house has four rooms for healthy cats; even in the kitchen there are cats – they jump on top of the kitchen cupboards like cheetahs! All the cats look healthy, some have runny noses and most of the cats are quite calm as we move from room to room. There is a cat flap from one of the rooms; so all healthy cats can come and go to and from the big garden that is surrounded by a high wall. There are some large wooden constructions in the garden for cats to climb.

The top floor has been divided into three wards for sick cats. Despite the large number of cats all seems well organised and clean. Even the sick cats have shiny coats and look quite well… It is difficult to say how many cats are rehomed; many cats are old and have been here for a long time. Kittens are always easy to rehome but there are no kittens here now. On their website they advertise both cats and dogs.

There is a large area that has been fenced in and divided into rather large pens – this is where the dogs reside. Unfortunately it is now late Friday evening and it is not possible to take pictures -we were given the grand tour with a torch!

A large gorgeous Alaskan malamute resides in a pen together with two lovely mixed breeds; they slide close to our legs as we enter the pen… In another pen there is a small short-haired, red-brown dog, dynamic and bouncing; despite having lost one front leg he runs fast between us all and we can all have a quick cuddle… A lovely young healthy dog – will he be adopted?... We hope all dogs will be adopted!

The two goats have shiny coats but are very cautious; Kasia found them chained to a tree in the middle of the village, without food, emaciated. Now they munch all there is…

When we come back to the kitchen we are being served coffee and apple tarts! Under a chair lies a small, very scared dog; his hind legs partly paralyzed after a car accident. Despite that he moves around quite quickly when he later accompanies us out into the front yard… On the sofa, very close to Kasias legs; really snuggling up to her, is a dog they call Killer - because he bites anyone one who tries to touch him… bad experiences with humans most probably - but he wants to be close to Kasia…

The shelter has its own website where they advertise both cats and dogs… Baltic Animal Care has put aside money for support to a cat shelter and maybe now it will be put to good use for “Koci Swiat”

EMIR revisited…

Many dear friends greet us when we enter the shelter; wonderful Tomi, Gabi, Bari, Gaja, Mucha, Bambi, Lisio and many, many more.New dogs have arrived; the dogs from Wegrow and many others – there are 112 dogs here now. As always all dogs look healthy and most of the dogs that dwell in the front yard try to get some attention; so we get to cuddle with most of them and all dogs love Krystyna and Tomasz! Some dogs are very shy, scared even – whatever happened to them?...

We enter the pen with Kontra, Ida and Reda. Kontra is huddled up by the wall, watching us distrustfully, but when Krystyna puts her hands around her head Kontra leans heavily on them - the only one she trusts; so far… Many dogs seem to enjoy life at the shelter; they play with each other, lie on the roofs of their houses keeping vigil over the premises, or challenge each other through the fence…

No dogs move in neurotic circles, no one digs frantically or seems stressed. Perhaps they don’t expect any change but lead a good life here… But there are also dogs that hurl themselves at us and who would definitely benefit from having a family of their own… This afternoon beautiful Xenia gets a new home – she is adopted by a family with a teenage daughter - we wish them all a happy life!

All dog coats have been delivered and will be put to good use as winter is on the doorstep! Many dogs are emaciated and in poor health when they arrive at the shelter, with various skin diseases that make them lose their coats; so of course they get cold and warming coats will come in handy!

The sponsor dogs still need sponsoring – quite a few of them are old and some still very scared – most probably they will remain at the shelter for a long time, money is in great demand so keep sponsoring!!! Some new pictures and bits of news will soon be presented on the sponsor a dog side!

Most importantly we visit EMIR to meet the dogs that will hopefully find new homes in Sweden in the near future. No easy task – too many lovely dogs!!! Of course Krystyna, Tomasz, Anna and all the volunteers know the dogs best and we listen to them when “choosing” the dogs… Dogs for adoption will appear on our website soon!

As always when we visit Poland, Anna invites us to stay with her – this time she has one of Trusias puppies, Trepcio, at her place. On Sunday afternoon he gets a home of his own! The same evening Anna receives a mail from the family that Mr Puppy plays, eats and sleeps in the bed! Good Luck little Puppy!

A million thanks Anna for having us as guests once again – and for driving us around!!!

See you all next time…


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